Crests of the Premier League 2013-14 – Interactive

Crests of the Premier League 2013-14 - Interactive

I like to look ahead to a new season by lining up the crests of a league’s clubs, slicing them open and having a good hard look at the giblets within. Two years ago I looked at the Premier League in static form, last season I put Serie A’s crests into an interactive post and this year I’m returning to England with the interactive format.

Of all the logos in the world few inspire as much devotion as the badges of football clubs. The fuss around Everton’s crest redesign shows the level of feeling they can stir up but, occasional and intense spikes of negative attention aside, they usually go unnoticed. They are simultaneously ubiquitous and ignored as they are trotted out to represent clubs around grounds, throughout television coverage and, of course, on merchandise with such regularity that people seldom stop to really look at them. Crests are hiding in plain sight.

The bits and bobs that go into crests can be intriguing historically and graphically and, somewhat less often, beautifully combined into little works of art. To assist you in examining the badges of the 20 sides that will play in the Premier League in 2013-14 I have split them into their component parts and arranged them into an interactive thing with buttons, which you can enjoy by following this link:


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