Patrice Evra’s five Champions League finals

Patrice Evra's five Champions League finals

Patrice Evra has played in five Champions League finals. Appearing in multiple major finals isn’t unusual for a player who has been at several big clubs but Evra had been particularly good at being in the right place at the right time when it comes to club football’s biggest match. Perhaps that’s unfair though. You could instead say that he has been a particularly good left back who contributes strongly to his teams’ successes, depending on how you rate his ability and the importance of full-backs.

Here’s the Champions League record of Evra’s clubs over the course of his career:

In Evra’s second season at Monaco they reached the European Cup final for the first and (as of 2017) only time in their history.

Before he joined Manchester United they had contested two European Cup finals in their history. In the eight full seasons he spent there they reached three more. Since he left they haven’t been past the first round.

In his first season at Juventus they reached their first final in twelve years. Their previous final appearance in 2003 was the last time any of the clubs he has ever played for have contested the final without him. That run became certain to end in 2017 when Juventus and Monaco were drawn together in the semi-final ensuring one of the two would play in the final and do so Evra-less, the left-back having moved from Juventus to Marseille in January.

Evra won’t feature in a sixth Champions League final unless Marseille’s fortunes turn around rapidly or he gets another high-profile move. However he could be in line for a sixth finalist’s medal to go with the one winner’s and four loser’s he has already because he started all six of Juve’s group stage matches at the start of their 2016-17 run.